Questions About Crawfish

(Compliments of Cajun's Crawfish Pond)

What is a crawfish?
What's the difference between Red Swamp and White River crawfish?
Where are crawfish found?
Where do crawfish go when water dries up?
Why can crawfish live out of water?
How do you tell a Male from a Female?
Where are the baby crawfish?
What do crawfish eat?
Who eats crawfish?
What happens when crawfish molt?
How long do crawfish live?
What do all those Cajuns do with all that crawfish anyway?
Why would I want to suck the head of a boiled crawfish?
What's the deal with a straight tailed crawfish?
How do I make sure my crawfish will survive till I can boil them?
How do I take care of my pet crawfish?
How do you know when you're a Cajun?