Handling of Crawfish
BOILED Keep boiled crawfish at 35-45 degrees F for approximately 5 days with a moist towel on top. Can freeze boiled crawfish thereafter.  To re-heat, just place crawfish in boiling water for 45 seconds and serve immediately.
LIVE Keep live crawfish at 36-46 degrees for approximately 3 days with wet burlap sacks, towels, etc. on top.

Let crawfish return to room temperature status; they get very sluggish when chilled. Then, spray water on crawfish to rejuvenate. Crawfish may then be re-packed and put into cooler. If no cooler is available, keep chilled crawfish in box or ice chest using new ice or ice packs. If in ice chest, put newspaper on bottom, open plug and keep tilted to keep water from accumulating at bottom. Crawfish left after 3 days can be boiled and sold fresh or frozen.