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Swedish Crawfish

(recipe from one of our customers, Rita Hollinghurst)

The best time to buy crawfish for Swedish style cooking is from August to mid October.

This recipe is based on cooking ten pounds of Crayfish at a time.


First step is to purge the "mudbugs" in a child's wading pool.


We use a standard Turkey Fryer for the cooking.  Fill the pot with water (probably a little over 2/3 full).  Add 1 1/2-2 cups Kosher salt, 1 1/2 cup sugar and a large bunch of Dill (cut up-I use kitchen scissors).  When the pot has begun to boil we add the purged Crayfish (ten pounds at a time) and time ten minutes cooking after it comes to a boil again. Cook at a slow rolling boil.  We use the fry basket that comes with the cooker to lift the cooked Crayfish out and then let them drain.  I cool them in large aluminum pans then bag and store in freezer or fridge depending on when they will be served.  If they are going to be stored for a while it is best to pour some of the cooled cooking juice into the storage bags before freezing.  Use a fresh pot of water to cook each batch.  The longest part of the process is waiting for the pot to boil-as always.


Our party takes place outdoors under strings of colored lights and paper lanterns (with moon faces).  We serve bread, salad and cheese with the meal( simple food since the Crayfish are the "stars" of the event).  We also drink Akvavit (Swedish white lightning)-legend says that one toast of Akvavit should be consumed for each claw eaten.  Maybe in Viking times...

A page of recipes is provided with your crawfish order.