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Comments from Our Customers!


Erik K., Corona, CA

I just wanted to say thanks and the bugs were top shelf.  We only had 11 that were dead and the rest were more than feisty when we cooked them Sat.  Thanks for helping to make my lunch awesome. 

Thank you,

David O., Irvine, CA
Thank you Kyle! We have safely received the package...and WOW! These crawfish look as if they were corn fed. So HUGE!!! Thank you!
Derek V., Louisville, KY
To the Team at your farm –
This was my 4th year hosting an annual crawfish boil.   The past 3 years the crawfish came from another supplier south of you I believe.  The hurricane caused some issues getting product from them at the last minute so I was forced to find another solution, your farm.
Glad I did!  I have no complaints from my previous supplier, however your product was better period!  50 lbs and not 1 dead creature!   EXCELLENT size and quality.
Thank you!
Kevin A., Stellville, MO
Our boil was a great success. 
Your crawfish (and shrimp) were excellent. 
The first bag I got into only had one dead crawfish. I’ve never seen that before. 
I think in the other bag there might have been five or six. 
The size was impressive. 
I will buy more from you for family events next year and again for our company picnic. 
Thank you again. 
Melissa S., Minooka, IL
We ordered crawfish from you for the first time and had our boil Saturday . I can’t tell you how happy we were with your crawfish!! They were huge and just like you said they were delicious! We have done this for the last 5 years and everyone couldn’t stop  talking about the crawfish and how good it was! We will definitely be back for more and hopefully have sent you a lot of customers.  In the words of my 10 year old nephew “ don’t go back to the place from last year”. Thanks again for all the help and hope to be ordering soon. 
Susanne O., Clearwater, FL
Hi Kyle.  I just wanted to let you know the crawfish were great.  We picked them up at SW cargo at 10:30 Thursday night.  I kept one sack on my porch on ice per directions and one in my bathtub.  We opened the sacks Saturday at 12:00 and they were very lively and nice size.  We only had about 7 dead ones!   Everyone was definitely impressed.   I will share your contact info.
Trey G., Leavenworth, KS
Love em. Incredible size as usual. Thanks
Travis E., Spring Branch, TX
Kyle this Travis! Hoping this review makes it on your website. We were super happy with our bag of crawdads. We’ve been ordering for 10 years since we moved to Iowa. Never had a more lively and healthy batch. I also mentioned to you we like to make em hot you threw in an extra bag of seasoning! You will have our business from here on out! Thank you!!

Debbie J., Cambridge, MA
Kyle, thanks! So glad we reconnected. Can’t wait for my crawfish and shrimp. Your season is over the top. D
Serge M., San Francisco, CA
Hi Kyle,
Hope you family and friends are well and healthy.
Several weeks back you shipped me 40lbs of boiled crawfish. I wanted to thank you for the back and forth, the size was great as well as the seasoning!
Next year if we are all past this, I’ll be ordering for the typical party I hold with my friends and neighbors.
You rightly should have the Certified Cajun badge! I also shared my experience with the owners of NOLA brewing company and they usually have some big open even parties, they will be in touch!
Live long and happy!

Greg C., Concord CA
I never got back to you… we had your crawfish couple weeks ago…. I was noted below worried about 24hrs… it was not an issue.
You should know, that was the BEST bag of crawfish I have ever received from NOLA, and we do this yearly… all decent sized and ZERO and I mean ZERO throw aways… truly amazing ! 
Thanks.. I was actually celebrating with my kids the passing of my Mom one year ago on May 16.. thanks for making it excellent !!!!
Jenn B., Gwynn Oak, MD
I’m from jeanerette but have lived out of state for the last 20 years. 
I have ordered crawfish from a lot of places. You have by far surpassed ALL.OF.THEM.  We had 2 dead... TWO. Out of 40 lbs. They were clean and the delivery was seamless. We also got all live crabs!  We had to show these Maryland folks what REAL blue crabs are and how we boil, NOT steam.  Thanks a ton! I will definitely reorder in the future!  My only request... next time I need 4x the seasoning! You rock!  

Mickey M., Louisville, KY
Hey Kyle, thanks for the delivery. The bugs were huge.
Take care.
Deanna B., Castle Pines, CO
Thank you so much!  You brought a taste of home to me and my family here in Colorado.  Super pleased with the product and ease of ordering.  Will be ordering again in June and July.  
Joe D., Hoschton, GA
We ordered 25lbs of Jumbos, 5 lbs 16-20 shrimp, 5 lbs of sausage and a bag of oysters. Everything arrived at the airport as you described. Your recommendations to keep them on ice until ready to cook worked well. Every crawfish came back to life. Our family enjoyed the boil very much. All the food was delicious! Thanks again.

Peter B., Boca Raton, FL
Mr LeBlanc
We picked up the crawdads this morning and they look great!
Thank you for your help. 
I look forward to working with you again soon.
Russ D., Milwaukee, WI
Hi Kyle,
everything turned out great for our first boil.
Matthew C., Cary, IL
Everything turned out great! I'll be ordering from you again next year! Thanks again!
Todd H., Crete, NE
The crawfish were awesome! Very few dead ones and everyone (including the Louisiana natives we have as friends) were impressed with the size. 

Jason H., Minden, LA
I just want to say thank you the crawfish were amazing.  We are a bunch of Louisiana boys working in Chicago!  We will be doing business again!

Truy P., North Canton, OH
Kyle, I meant to send you a follow up message.  The crawfish I ordered from you was great.  It was exactly as you described and the instructions were great.  We will be making this a regular occurrence.  It was nice to have a piece of Louisiana back up here in Ohio.  Thank you.

Mark B., Wauwatosa, WI
Crawfish were excellent.  Cooked up perfectly.  Had plenty of leftovers to make crawfish omelets the next morning.  Cheers,

Bill M., Highland Village, TX
Wanted to send a note back...The Crawfish were a Great Size, had very few dead ones, Boil went well..our guests were happy....Also helped that we deep fried 4 dozens jumbo frog legs..

Brian W., Indianapolis, IN
I'm late in responding but my compliments on your company, communication, and quality of product.  We host a corporate event each year and have used other companies for crawfish for our "kickoff" dinner.  We have had marginal success with the quality, size, and mortality of the crawfish.  We made a change this year to your company and it couldn't have been any better.  The condition and size of the crawfish were phenomenal.  We will be back!  If you ever need a reference I'm your guy!  Thanks for a flawless experience.

Ryan M., Thomson, GA
Hey Kyle! We just wanted to thank you for the HUGE crawfish! They were like little lobsters and were a big hit in Georgia.  You were very easy to work with, the airport pickup was simple, and again...the crawfish were freaking HUGE!  Hope you have a great season.  We will definitely order from you again soon!

Tyler L., River Falls, WI
Kyle, live crawfish made it on Saturday as you said and kept on ice until Sunday no problem. Nearly all crayfish were alive before boiling.  Introduced many people to crawdad eating.  Great eats, and fun.  Thanks.

Brigham B., Riverton, UT
Thanks Kyle! The last ones I got from you a few years ago, I think out of the 40 lbs only about 10 crawdads were dead! I was very satisfied! We have lakes here where we cant trap and catch what we need, but it's hard to beat 40 lbs of jumbos already purged and ready to go!

Alan & Joyce W., McHenry, IL

Hi Kyle! I meant to send this sooner and I apologize for the delay. Just wanted to tell you the crawfish was wonderful (as always) and the pickup at Midway was effortless. We had a great day, the rain held off, and everyone really enjoyed the boil. That would not have been possible without the excellent product you provide and I just wanted to thank you very much. Until next year, my friend!

Ly P., Milton, MA
Hi Kyle, Thank you for the crawfish that we ordered for Memorial Day Weekend.  The crawfishes arrived in great condition. We had a great party.  Definitely will order again. I will put in good reviews when I get a chance.  Thank you.

Alfred T., Highlands Ranch, CO

Hi Kyle, The Mud Bug Boil went well. Your Jumbo's are Special, and Spectacular. Over 99.9 survival rate. Thanks for the care instructions. I followed them to the T and we only had 3 from 30 lbs. Awesome Stuff. Your Company is my GO TO now.

Carolyn P., Leitchfield, KY
Our crawfish boil went over very well in Salt Lake City...only a few dead bugs.  Next time we need more spice.  Thanks!!

Cathy and Ted M., Satellite Beach, FL
We wanted to let y'all know that the crawfish were GREAT and were enjoyed by all!

Russell St., Bradley Beach, NJ
Thank you Kyle! Very much looking forward to it.  You've been servicing this party for years and every time they all rave about the crawfish.  We appreciate it!

David C., Mt. Prospect, IL
Thanks again, my crawfish boil last year...Everyone loved how big they were. Was a great time.

Jeff S., North Mankato, MN

Hey Kyle. Thanks again we had one of best party's we've had, and some of the best crawfish we have had. This year we actually ran short, think people are slowly learning they like them. Looking forward to next time.

Alex L., Pittsburgh, PA
Thank you Kyle, the crawfish boil went well and we had nearly zero dead loss.

Steve G., Sun Prairie, WI
Hi Kyle, Just an FYI here. My order came in just as advertised with no issues. I followed your instructions about handling the crawfish and on Sunday I had LIVE crawfish and the boil went very well.  Thanks so much!

Tim Y., Hanford, CA
Thank you, best crawfish I've ever had

John Y., New York, NY
Hi Kyle, This is my first time using your service or any mail order crawfish service for that matter. We received the crawfish without a hitch on Saturday and it was the biggest and best crawfish we have ever tasted. In our entire order of 50 lbs, there only appreared to be 4 dead ones.  Thanks so much, and we will definitely use your service the next time we have a hankering for fresh mudbugs.

Laszlo N., Lyndhurst, OH
Hi Kyle, We had our crawfish boil Saturday. What a great time! Out of 50 pounds of crawfish, we only found 10 deceased. We decided, that it's going to be an annual event. I think we would've done the Cajuns proud, even though were above the Mason-Dixon line.

Frank W., Charlotte, NC
Hi Kyle, I wanted to thank you for sending us the great crawfish from your farm. They were all very alive and very tasty. We had a wonderful crawfish boil yesterday with about 25 family members and friends attending the event.

Tony M., Charlotte, NC
Everything was great! Thanks again for shipping such a great quality product.

Gary B., Winter Park, FL
Kyle got the Crawfish and Shrimp on Saturday and they were awesome. Great size and 99% were alive and kicking. Thanks a bunch will order again soon and next year for sure.

Gary D., Lilburn, GA

Just wanted to say thank you for the awesome crawfish. They were seasoned perfectly.  Will be ordering again.

Vacante D., Winder, GA

U got my busines for life! Crawfish are monsters!! I'll pass along to all my coonass friends in Atlanta!

Mark G., Tampa, FL

Super crawdads to Tampa. Fat and good sized. Glad I found Kyle Leblanc Farms!!

Lisa D., Ft. Myer, FL
Kyle, Thank you for the success of our crawfish party!  Your crawfish and boudin was by far the best we have ever had shipped in!! You will be our one stop shop for future orders.

Ruthie B., St. Pete Beach, FL
They are awesome!  Thanks!

Alex T., St. Louis MO
Mr. LeBlanc, I just wanted to email you to say my party went off without a hitch. Your crawfish were fantastic! Thank you so much, and I will definitely be back for my next boil.

Greg Z., Cheektowaga, NY
...we look forward to next years boil thanks for a great time again this year it's nice doing business with you everything is organized and your response is always tremendous

Michael W., Fishers, IN

Crawfish and shrimp were awesome!  Loved by all!!

Joseph P., Donora, PA

The crawfish boil was delicious. I'll keep your contact for future boils. Just a Northerner that loves southern style creole foods

Adam C., Middleton, NJ
Just wanted to drop you a note and say the crawfish i received were even better than expected. Some REALLY nice size ones and i dont think there was literally any dead loss, which is amazing! Thanks for making the event a hit!!!

David B., Pleasant Hill, CA

Kyle, I just wanted to send you a very heartfelt "THANK YOU!" for making my wife's surprise birthday party such an amazing event. I called you 6am (PST) in a panic on June 15th 2018 because another supplier had just cancelled my order for 100lbs of live Jumbo crawfish due to a "heat wave" late on June 14th. True to your word, you fulfilled my order, shipped the 100lbs of live crawfish out to Oakland California that very same day overnite, and absolutely saved me from having to explain to my guests why we I wasn't serving crawfish for my surprise "Crawfish Feast". I simply cannot thank you enough. My wife and I have had this before on our trips to New Orleans, but most of my guests had never eaten crawfish before. Your Crawfish Boil seasoning packets were perfectly balanced with the right blend of taste and spice. The party was a complete success and I owe that all to you. Thanks Kyle, I will be ordering from you soon and will always be a loyal client of yours. I gave out your business cards to my guests because they were so impressed by the taste and overall unique experience of eating and preparing this type of meal.  Cheers Kyle!

Julie F., Lancaster, MA
Thank you very much for the excellent customer service and delicious crawfish! It was a pleasure doing business with you. There are a bunch more crawfish lovers up here in Massachusetts than before this weekend!! We are excited to continue to do business with you as our son begins his journey at LSU.

Kristi C., Big Sur, CA
Just wanted to say what a great job Kyle and his team do. Received our order as promised and only had few dead. Will be doing business here from now on. Thank y'all

Duane D., Westport, CT
Cher Monsieur Kyle LeBlanc, Who Dat say dey gonna get you some big fat crawfish? Kyle leblanc dat's who!!!!! Les escrevisses de Kyle LeBlanc sont grande et delicieuses!!!  Bon travail,

Allan C., Oak Park, IL

Picked them up last night.  They look fantastic.  You got a new repeat customer.

Tommy C., Anton, TX

We ordered 80 lb of jumbos and only threw away 2 dead. Best I have ordered in years.  Thank you.!!!

Jeff F., Athens, AL
Just to let you know my order of 50 lb on March 31 was excellent.  Fun times with family and friends and a beautiful day to go with an awesome boil.
Thanks for making this special!!!!!

Lisa G., Cedar Creek, TX
Kyle, I just wanted to thank you for delivering on your promise to send big crawfish!  They were amazing!
I usually count on a 7% loss during shipping.  We found only 5 dead in a 40lbs! Unheard of.  I am a concierge at a country club and have CEOs asking me frequently where they can order good crawfish for their company boils.
Not only will I reorder, but I will refer everyone I know.
We hope you and your family had a great Easter.

Hank L., Zanesville, OH
Friday morning we went to airport and very easily picked up the crawfish at the the cargo area. (I had never done that before)  Had a 150# and had very few I had to discard.  Everyone at the party enjoyed them very much.  In Ohio our party was 3/23/18 and all the other places I was checking only had field run available for cargo ship.   Kyle sent us jumbos and other than a few they were all very good size and very delicious.   If you are ordering crawfish and haven't used this place before don't be concerned ordering from Kyle.  My new go to guy for crawfish, thanks!

Josh F., Dallas, TX
Man, you have best live crawfish I've ever bought. They were really fresh, big and there were only about 10 dead ones out of the whole lot.  You have my business, my and friends are still ranting and raving about them.
The shipping was simple. I picked them up from the airport with no problem at all.

Bob J., Sumner, WA

Hi Kyle,

Just wanted you to know that we got our stuff and the Head-on shrimp & Crawfish were great!... The event was a great success!

Camille B., Hereford, TX
They were awesome !!!  We forgot the seasoning though so needed that. Think I'm ordering more this weekend.


Joe D., Crofton, MD
Thank you for the delicious crawfish and other delicacies, our friends truly enjoyed our annual party! 
Tim P., Durham, NC
Yes, absolutely fabulous!!  I picked them up late Saturday eve and followed your directions for holding -- they were still in great shape by late Sunday afternoon. 
I'm getting ready to fire up the pot this PM to boil the heads down for my years supply of fish stock!!
Joyce W., McHenry, IL
Well, another successful crawfish boil party was held last Saturday and it was wonderful! Everyone really enjoyed themselves and that was due in large part to the awesome crawfish you provided to us. We ordered 100 pounds and all but about 1 pound were eaten! They were large and almost all survived their journey and were alive and well when we received them. Thank you, Kyle, not only for an excellent product but for your phenomenal customer service. You are always so patient with me when 'm placing my order and have a zillion questions. For that, and many other things, I thank you. Until next year......
Jesse C., Oregon, WI
Thanks for the great crawfish!  They were awesome!!
Gordon P., Bakersfield, CA
As always, I can't thank you enough Kyle! I sincerely appreciate having you in my corner each year as this event is always a success due to you sending me the best damn crawfish to come out of Louisiana. Thanks for looking into the shipping, these bad boys gonna be so fresh that folks are gonna flip.
Hope you and the crew enjoy the Holiday weekend,
Ken S., Stafford Springs, CT
getting back to you a little late but wanted to let you know the crawfish were awesome as usual. I must say your crawfish are the best. Everyone had a great time and we didn't have at extra crawfish, should have ordered more. Well next year I'll do that. Waiting for pictures from the party goer's when I get some I'll forward the to you
Take care and thanks for a great party.

Chuck W., Mason, OH
Hello Mr Kyle,
The crawfish made the trip perfectly to Ohio. 
I had fun introducing my northern friends to my favorite food in the world.
Thank you for taking care of this order...the 120lbs went surprisingly fast!

Vince M., Louisville, KY
The crawfish were perfect! We will be definitely giving you a call again next year. 
Todd E., Surprise, AZ
Kyle, thanks for the crawfish order....everything was great!   Everyone had a blast and the crawfish boil was a huge hit.   SWA Cargo at PHX airport was awesome, and the crawdads were packed terrific!  I will definitely be looking for you the next time we plan a party.
TOP NOTCH...Thanks again!
Brad H., Springfield, LA
Damn good crawfish, alive and good size.  
Larry and Greg M., Del Rio, TX
Kyle we received the crawfish …...we wanted to thank you and let you know, these were the cleanest, largest, best crawfish we have ever bought.
We will definitely be using your company in the future for our crawfish needs.

Cassie K., Redmond, WA
Hi Kyle,
I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how impressed I was with our crawfish order. We could really tell you have been shipping quality products for years, because of how well they were packaged, and how smoothly the shipping process went. There was MINIMAL dead-loss, we were thrilled with how huge they were and they were the best tasting crawdads I’ve ever eaten! We were thinking it was going to be a once in a lifetime event shipping in 100lbs of crawfish cross-country, but now I’m thinking it may need to be an annual event!
Thanks so much for exceeding our expectations!
Dale J., Birmingham, AL
Just wanted to make sure everyone knows how I feel about my experience with my first crawfish boil.
With the help of Kyle LeBlonc crawfish Co., It was a smash hit with my family and friends!!!  The crawfish was delivered on time and the quality was outstanding!!!!      Couldn't have asked for anything better.... I will be a repeat customer and I will be recommending that everyone use Kyle LeBlonc crawfish Co. !!!!

Larry D., Aurora, CO
We ordered from you guys last year, and they were the best crawfish we have used, so we would like to order again.
Tisha D., Ancastor, ON
Based on the previous success of our football tailgate boil, our son requested to have another crawfish boil to celebrate his graduation with our family. Once again, you delivered as promised! The huge, jumbo crawfish were delicious and everyone loved them! We even had family up from Alabama to celebrate and they said it was just like home! As long as you continue to deliver all year round, we will not go to anyone else! Look forward to ordering for another fall football tailgate!
Garrett H., Clinton, CT
Hi Kyle,
The crawfish were great!

Aaron B., San Francisco, CA
I just wanted to shoot you a quick note and say a big THANK YOU for your help in getting the crawfish out to me last week.  The buggers arrived on time and in great shape.  I hit them with plenty of ice and they were in perfect condition for the boil on Saturday.  Everyone loved them and several people (from LA) commented on how big they were, especially given the time of year.  I plan on doing this again next season and I will definitely use you guys once again.  Attached a picture from the boil at my winery.
Thanks again, you guys are great!
Sara and Ken F., Merritt Island, FL
Hi Kyle, 
Thank you so much!! Crawfish arrived in good shape and larger than we expected. We will definitely use your company again and give your cards to family and friends.
Beau B., Tulsa, OK
Party went great! Crawfish was awesome. Thank you will be doing this again!
Laurie S., Scottsdale, AZ
Can't thank you enough for hooking us up with our crawfish fix!  We spent Father's Day out on a lake (Canyon) and chowed down on crawfish!  i also gifted some friends with bags of this delight.  Glad I found you all.  I used to use a purveyor who had a store out by Lakefront - but, Katrina wiped him out.  I am stretching the limits and making crawfish etouffe to take to work tomorrow.  A little french bread and a salad - HEAVEN.  Miss NOLA.
Chaz M., Saint Cloud, MN
Thank you.  My crawfish boil is my favorite day of the year.  This will be year 8!  I have ordered over 800 pounds of crawfish from you over the years. I believe I have had about 20 dead ones.  Those are amazing numbers and goes to show how fresh your crawfish are before they ship.  
Thank you. 
Ed S., Lake Worth, FL
just wanted to tell you we were beyond satisfied with your crawfish. they came out amazing and couldn't stop the compliments on how big they were. everything was perfect, you rock. we will be placing another order in the very near future. 
Ralph M., Charlotte Hall, MD
Some pics from my crawfish party May 7.  These were the best ever sent up here by you. 
Thanks and have a great summer,
Ken S., Stafford Springs, CT
Thanks for another great bunch of crawfish, no better way to kick off the beginning of our Spring/Summer here in New England than with a Cajun Cookout. Everyone had a great time and look forward to doing it again next year. As usual your crawfish were AWESOME.
Lainnie C., San Marino, CA
GREAT big selects! Really, great quality crawfish. Thanks again for superseding our expectations!
Margie G., Pottstown, PA
We had a great boil yesterday!  Thanks for the crawfish and boudin.  I think that is the first boudin I have eaten-really good and the crawfish were fantastic—some were huge!
We will finish picking them today for étouffée!
Thanks again—
We plan to contact you over the summer with another order.
Joyce W., McHenry, IL
You rock, Kyle! Thank you for the discount and for what I know will be wonderful fish again this year! Everyone around here is so excited about our annual boil and that is due in large part to the quality of the crawfish you provide. I will never, ever order from anyone are the best!! Thank you very much for your continual excellent customer service, I appreciate it very much.

Jeff S., North Mankato, MN
Thanks again Kyle the crawfish were some of the best we've had and went over well at the party.

Ben A., Charlotte, NC
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'll never buy from the common commercial crawfish farms again. These were the BEST damn crawfish I have ever had! Clean, juicy, big ass flavor filled tails, bursting with fat, and hardly any dead/crushed crawfish. My father and his guests were amazed. Thanks for making my dad's 60th awesome!

Tommy C., Lutz, FL

Really enjoyed the crawfish!  We just did a family boil, only 7 people so with 60 lbs we were stuffed
by the time
we were done.  Also had enough left for etoufee! Cannot believe how big they were this
time of year.  I'm sure we'll be doing our larger boil around the end of May, beginning of June, will be in touch then.


Ginger D., Katy, TX

Thank you!! The crawfish were excellent and still very much alive and healthy.  We had a terrific boil on Saturday, we will definitely keep your number for future events.
Have a wonderful week!

Jessica C., Pflugerville TX
Mr Leblanc,
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help this past August. Our fundraiser went amazing and we are looking forward to planning it again.
Afe effects so many families and knows no bias. We raised over $7000, and that would not of been possible without the crawfishrhat you made possible.
Thank you! Happy New Years!!

Tisha D., Ancaster, Ontario
Thanks Kyle!  It was a huge success for our post-game tailgate!  Those that ordered, really enjoyed themselves.  Those that didn’t order said they will definitely order for next time!  The football boys that ordered really loved it and these are 12-13 year old boys! 
 I had so many people asking me where I got them from, so I passed your cards around.  When those ran out, I had people asking to take pictures of it so they had it for future orders!
 Will definitely be ordering from you next year not only for tailgates, but for family boils, picnics, any chance I get!
A very happy football Mom!
Jon T., Anaheim, CA
I just wanted to tell you that everything was perfect this weekend  with the crawfish!!  Thank you for getting them to me. Southwest Air Cargo was easy to deal with too. Obviously you are looking out for quality. The crawfish were big and lively as promised. ....really nice for this time of the year. Thank You!!

Michelle P., Winnebago, IL
The crawfish were AWESOME!!  Everyone loved them and their freshness!!  Thank you, I had fun scaring everyone in the kitchen with fresh crawfish!

Deborah L., Beverly Hills, CA
Just a quick note to thank you and let you know that our first Hollywood Crawfish Boil was fantastic! The crawfish arrived as promised and were delicious!
We can't wait to do this again!

Joan L., Huntington, NY
Thanks for all your help.  As usual your crawfish were great.

Jason G., Olathe, KS
Thanks for the crawfish! Definitely the biggest I've ever had. Look forward to getting them from you in the future.

Trey and Lisa G., Leavenworth, KS
Hey Kyle: just wanted to say thanks for the freakin huge crawfish. These Yankees loved em and ate every pound I bought. Already looking forward to next years boil! Thanks again,

Ken R., Arlington, VA
Thank you for the confirmation. We do a crawfish boil for Father’s Day (or close to it) and have tried a couple of different places. The ones we tried from your business last year have been the best by far that we have tasted. I look forward to doing business with you for future celebrations!
Michael G., Chicago, IL
The crawfish were outstanding!  You guys run a top notch operation down there.  The shipment arrived as promised on Wednesday morning and I was boiling them on Friday afternoon.  Out of 40lbs I counted a grand total of 6 straight tails after the boil, this was fantastic!  The size was incredible as well.  Thank you for helping me pull off a crawfish boil in northern Minnesota!

Tony C., Schriever, CO
Just wanted to let you know that our crawfish were outstanding. Thank you so much for making our weekend! I look forward to ordering more from you in June.

Ralph M., Charlotte Hall, MD
The crawfish were outstanding.  Hands down the best I have EVER received!  I am already looking forward to next time.

Charles K., Richmond, VA
Thank you so much - everything arrived on time, alive and healthy. The party was a huge success. I will certainly use you again.

Mark B., New York, NY
Good size and delish kyle!!
Thanks again!!  Successful crawfish boil in the books!! 

Rebekah L., McKinney, TX
Kyle, thanks again for making our weekend boil a success! The crawfish were big and delicious! 

Kelly S., Nicholsaville, KY
You guys are great. I have been ordering from the your competitor for the last 6 years. you have my business now. I like the quality and size of the fish and your customer service. Thank you

Ricky G., Orlando, FL
Hey Kyle,
We had a blast with our crawfish boil and boy that was a lot of bugs eat even for over 25 guests we ate and ate at one point there was a few of us and as a solute we took the 5 largest pulled the tails off and poured a little tequila in the head and did the shot and sucked the fat out. It was an interesting taste that I don’t think will catch on in the near future but pretty cool to do something different.
We will certainly be ordering from you again in the future.

Jeff B., Concord, CA
We got our order and we all loved the crawfish... especially my Dad! Thanks for your great job on our order!!!
Happy New Year,

Dane O., Ventura, CA
The bugs arrived on time the party was a blast
Thanks for your help

Becky S., Danville, VA
The crawdads were awesome!  Your service was excellent and we will be ordering again soon.  Thank you again for being so prompt and courteous! 


John S., Oakland, CA
Wanted to let you know everything arrived as you promised and my family and I feel like we have a new Cajun Brother in you!  First when my Dad saw the shrimp he started to get very excited, they were fresh and looked like you had just caught them that morning!!! Then he saw the andouille sausages and spices and started dancing....he is from New Orleans and gets excited that way when we have Big Boils lol!!!  When the crawdads arrived he thought God himself had sent that box!!!  There wasn't one dead crawfish in the box!!!  Man, the search for quality Cajun ingredients is over for us, you got our business and trust me a lot of it!  My family and I are coming down for Mardi Gras and my dad and brother want to meet you and shake your hand! Again, thank you!!!  We really appreciate a company that stands by its word and believes in quality! 
Great Customers in Calif,

Steve T., Rimrock, AZ
I wanted to thank you for you quality service. My brother was stationed in LA when he joined the Army in 2001. Seeing as how my father is from LA and my mother is from GA, southern roots run deep in our house. So it did not take him long to fall in love with some good Cajun cookn’ while he was there. We wanted to do something nice for his last birthday and you helped make that happen. The bugs showed up on time and only a few perished. Thank you and expect to hear from us again next year.

Steve M., Durham, NH
Hi Kyle,
Just wanted to let you know that the crawfish boil was a huge hit.  The crawfish were big, healthy, excellent tasting.  Thank you for helping us with this.  Will definitely be ordering more from you.

Marshall T., N Liberty, IA
Just wanted to send you a quick thank you. 
The crawfish arrived in great shape last Friday. We were all first timers and everyone loved them.
Mike R., Littleton, CO
Crawfish arrived in Garden City, Kansas in excellent condition. Found only a dozen or so dead.
Some have the biggest pinchers I’ve seen.
Thanks for all the hard work getting them to us.
We will use Kyle LeBlanc next year and any other time we have crawfish activities.
Mark D., Hopewell, NJ
Kyle,  Everything went great!  Huge bugs and pretty meaty for late season.  I haven’t prepared a crawfish boil since I lived in NOLA in the late 80’s…   All my New England guests were very impressed with the whole thing.  I’ll definitely be contacting you in the future now that I know how easy it is to manage!

Mikell R., Altamonte Springs, FL
Thank you. The crawfish boil was great. I will reorder in the future.
Karl S., Berkeley Heights, NJ
Thanks. Order received and all alive and well. I have ordered more than 10 times from other companies in La and I normally got at least 15% dead ones. So this is great.
Chris B., Miami, FL
hi kyle, thanks for putting the order together so quickly.
they were all nice size and the boiled turned out great.
thanks again.

Robert D., West Hartford, CT
Kyle - The crawfish were excellent. I had a friend here from New Orleans and she was hugely impressed. She has your card.
Thanks for your great service.
Ben S., Brooktondale, NY
Thanks for everything! 500+ pounds of crawdads successfully delivered. 300+ people enjoyed them!

Joyce W., McHenry, IL
Just wanted to send you a note and tell you our crawfish boil last Saturday was a huge success, thanks in large part to you! The crawfish were the biggest we have ever gotten and they were delicious! For the first time in the 5 years we have been hosting this boil, ALL OF THE CRAWFISH were eaten! People raved about how good they were and I just wanted you to know and to say thank you. We will continue to do business with you and your company because we are never disappointed...your service and your product are excellent. Thanks again, Kyle!! Until next year.............
Dena B., Winter Springs, FL
I've been meaning to write to you. Once again, you sent amazing crawfish to Orlando for me.  You've never let me down.  I am so thankful for your company as the value you place on quality and customer service. 
I received many compliments from the Louisiana natives at our boil. It is always nice to have great crawfish to boil and share with non-native Louisiana people. 
Thanks again.  I look forward to next year!  Cheers!

Jane W., New York, NY
Hi Kyle,
I wanted to send out a huge thank you for the crawfish you sent to me last weekend.  They were so hardy and delicious! 
I ordered 80 pounds and my yankee friends ate ‘em up!
Thank you again for making this Mississippi gal very happy.
Chris C., Mahwah, NJ
Hi Kyle,
We received the crawfish order as promised on Saturday. I packed them overnight as per your instructions and prepared them according to your directions. All went perfectly and my family of 20 went crazy on the 40 LBS of crawfish. It was a truly great Mother’s Day and I want to thank you for supplying the crawfish and extra boil mix.

Craig B., Jackson, MO
I wanted to say Thanks once again for sending us some great Crawfish.  Although it rained pretty bad for the first 30 minutes, the event was a hit and people who have never tasted Crawfish before thought they were delicious.

Rebekah L., McKinney, TX
Hey there! We a just wanted to send you a couple pics of the beautiful crawfish we recently purchased from you guys. These were, by far, the largest ones we have gotten yet! This was our 6th time ( I believe) ordering from you and simply wouldn't consider anyone else! We have now given your name to everyone we know, and each year our boils get bigger and bigger due to the increase in crawfish eaters among our friends! Thanks for continuing to provide us with only the best quality crawfish! Looking forward to our next boil! 
Courtney, G., Playa Del Ray, CA
The crawfish that you sent to us here in LA for Easter were amazing.....thank you!!!!
Leah K., Racine, WI
thank you kyle. the crawfish were delicious. 

Tonia S., Moreno Valley, CA
Crawfish was very good, didn't lose that many.I already post you guys info on my Facebook so that people can order who's from Louisiana and living in different states.So look forward to more business from California
Thlork K., Woodbridge, VA
We are loyal customers to you.  We buy no where else.  We love your crawfish! My father always has an unpredictable craving.  Thanks for the wonderful crawdads.
Derek Q., Odenton, MD
Crawfish were awesome as usual man!  Can't wait till they are bigger...but they were crazy fresh and a major hit!
Will be ordering again soon.  Its always great to show these Yankees how badass a real Saturday boil can be.
Clayton W., Midland, TX
The crawfish showed up in fine order, y'all are the best and only place I'll ever buy my crawfish from!! 
Thank you very much Kyle and your organization for an outstanding product.
Michael P., Wauwatosa, WI
Hey Kyle!  7th year in a row!  Thanks for the great service!

Rob W.,  Tuxedo, NY

Hi Kyle - the order was received n looks awesome.  Many thanks to you and your company, we look forward to using your services again!!

Jonathan H., Stow, NY

Mr. LeBlanc:
 Thought you might like to know that we finally picked up our shipment of crawfish in Buffalo (the box which got delayed in Chicago) late Friday afternoon.  We drove it home and virtually all of our crawfish were alive and well and pinching the hell out of us!  Our feast on Saturday was a smashing success!
Thank you for all your assistance. 

Byron B., Peoria, IL
Thank you!  The crawfish were delicious and my duaghter's party was a blast!!
I look forward to doing business again.
John B., Millington, MD
Bog success - thanks for your help. Everyone loved the mud bugs and shrimp. I also had 3 bushels of crabs and 8 doz ears of corn.
Thanks Kyle.

Jonathan V., Fort Collins, CO
This service and of course the outstanding crawfish are why I order from you every year and will continue to do so for years to come.  
Thanks again,
Adam K., New London, MO
Thanks guys,
All went well and everyone was happy with everything. If I ever need something again we'll be in touch.
Thanks again,

Steve M., Woodstock, MD
Wanted to drop you a line and say thanks! Absolute best bugs we have had, size was beautiful, they were CLEAN and had great flavor!!  ...everything went fine, we have lots of sausage to get us thru the fall. Thanks again 

Karen W., Portsmouth, RI
Kyle,  The crawfish were fantastic!  Another successful northern boil.  I appreciate your help each year.  I look forward to doing business with you next year!


Joyce W., McHenry, IL

I meant to email you after our crawfish boil on May 25th, so will do so now. The crawfish were wonderful, as always! We had a great party and that was due in very large part to you and your service. Thank you so much, Kyle....will be ordering for our 5th annual boil next year. Thanks again for taking such good care of us, we really appreciate it.

Elizabeth P., Omaha, NE
Thank you for shipping the crawfish and including the sausage. I think out of the whole 60 lbs, I only had a handful of dead ones.  Not too shabby!
Have a great week and thank you again. 


Ruth M., Batavia, IL

crawfish on a fence

Tom, S., Peoria Heights, IL
Got it, thanks. We had a great boil and very enthusiastic left overs! Some people had a headache the next day, but I don't think it was from the bugs. 
Craig B., Cape Girardeau, MO
Thanks for sending us some great Crawfish once again.  Our event went great and people really enjoyed the whole process of a Crawfish Boil. 

Darrn N., Bixby, OK
Just wanted to let you know that the crawfish were great this year just like the previous two years we ordered from you. Many of the guys were impressed with the size of crawfish and how tasty they were. They arrived on time and alive. I think we had only one dead out of 70lbs. Once again just wanted to say how pleased I was with the quality , and size of the crawfish. We are already planning for our 4th Annual ManDay boil
Thanks Darren and rest of the Man Day from Tulsa, OK

Joan H., Ft. Worth, TX
Wow - I couldn't believe the size - I thought I got someone's lobster order by mistake!  LOL Everybody had a great time as usual - your crawfish are AWESOME!  Can't wait till next year's event! 

Jeremy R., Magazine, AR
Received our order early and they were great. Nice and lively. Thank you.
Thank you,


Rocco P., Palm Beach FL
Thank you very much crawdads were great they more then I thought they would lots of compliments!


Mary D., Phoenix, AZ

Well we had our Easter Crawfish boil and none of them were good -- just kidding – April Fool!!! Lol

They were delicious -- it brought back great memories of home and we ate them all – Had a few left over and I fried them for dinner that evening.

Thank you again, it was so easy getting them at the airport and cheap compare to other companies that ship.

They were the hit of our family Easter gathering.


Bob P., Appollo Beach, FL

The crawfish was wonderful. Normally we have a little left for crawfish pie and other dishes. We had none left. Have a wonderful season and talk to you next year.

God Bless


Seth H, Los Angeles, CA


I just want to say thank you for providing the best crawfish in the world. They were big, juicy, and very delicious. My family and I had our first ever crawfish boil and we're so glad we ordered the jumbo crawfish from you. The shipment arrived to Los Angeles, CA on time and the crawfish were still alive. Thank you again and looking forward to donig more business with you in the near future.


Robin L., Navasota, TX

THANK YOU those were the biggest crawfish i have ever had and tasty,yo made the reuion the best in years again...THANKS


The Smiths, Chewelah, WA 

We had purchased a party pack for a rehearsal dinner.....and boy did you deliver. You mailed them out last Tuesday morning and they were in Spokane Washington at 5:45pm the same day. When we opened the sack up the next morning we did not have one single loss. We had a wonderful party up here in Washington and can't wait for an excuse for another one. Alot of people learned to eat crawfish for the first time and loved it. We got the Jumbo and you were not kidding! They were huge......we will definately be ordering again.... Thank you,


Derhyl R, Chicago, IL

Hi Kyle,

I justed wanted to say that we were very pleased with the shipment of crawfish we received from you on Saturday, May 26th.  I only found about 2 dozen dead out of 1 100 lbs.  OUTSTANDING!!!

Thank you again and I look forward to placing my order next year.


Craig B., Cape Girardeau, MO

Good morning, Kyle.  I just wanted to let you know the event went excellent.  Of all the Crawfish we received through the mail, we only had a dozen or so dead ones.  We had a guy from LA come up with his pots to boil them up for us and he was very impressed.  We are already starting to plan next year’s event.  We will be calling you.  Thanks again.


Camille B., Hereford, TX

Kyle we cooked the crawfish and they were awesome.  We had about 10 left!!!  


Sarah C., Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Mr. Kyle Leblanc,

Our company wants to extend a HUGE thank‐you for your efforts in helping us make Lee’s Crawfish‐Palooza 2012 a great success. You were more than accommodating in helping us out. Not only were you extremely patient with us when we were unsure about being able to receive them as easily as you had promised, but you delivered exactly what you said you would with next to NONE for dead‐loss out of 200lbs. They were the best Crawfish we have ever had and we will most definitely be ordering from you more frequently. From the crawfish, to the spices, to the extra touch of the Mardi Gras Beads, everyone was more than impressed and we had a spectacular gathering! THANKS ‐ FROM OUR COMPANY TO YOURS!



Chris C.,  Tampa, FL

I want to let you know that our boil was an amazing success. Many people told us it was the best one yet and one of the main reasons were the crawfish!! They arrived on-time, alive, and very nice size! We were all impressed on how good they tasted!!


Tom H., Edgeworth, PA
Hi Kyle,
I wanted to say how pleased I was with the quality, fast shipping, and size of your crawl dads..We had the neighbors over for the boil..I also recommended you to my family..


Bruce W., Cleveland Heights, OH

And sir, seriously, i hope you understand what great joy your service brings people.


Katie L., Loveland, CO

As always, we were so happy with our crawfish!  They were very sweet this time!  It was the first time we ordered oysters - I think we'll do that from now on!  They are HUGE and amazing!!!

Thanks again for doing such a great job!

We'll order again soon!

Guy B., Palm Beach, FL
I have to tell you a huge "Thank You" You again delivered for me the best crawfish ever. In a lean time of the year for cra you sent me some of the largest I have ever eaten. They arrived alive and in great condition. My wife's birthday party was a great success.
You have a life long customer. There is no competition in my view even close to you guys.
Thanks again.

David S., Louisburg, KS
Kyle,     Just a quick note to say how happy I am with the way everyting worked out. Everything was on time, and the quality of crawfish was amazing. I will be using your company again. We have a large crawfish boil every April, but the company we usually use couldn't help us this time of year. I am converted, and will be calling in April.           Yours truly, new and satisfied customer,

You made our tailgate party in Lawrence, Ks a huge success. We won "Tailgate of the Week" prize, which is rewarded with several hundred $ of goodies. Your help and crawfish played a huge part in that.

Allison E., Longmont, CO
Hi Kyle-
I just wanted to tell you how happy you made this Southern Gal!  My party was a blast and the crawfish were a hit with all of my guests, though I think the Southerners ate more than their share!

Sean P., Sandy, UT

Hi Kyle,

Just wanted to thank you and your folks for helping us make our yearly boil a HUGE success.  The live crawfish were huge, the sausage was great and the alligator was yummy!!!!!

We will definitely use your company for next year's boil and tell all our friends.




William E., Ft. Dodge, IA

This will be the third year in a row I have ordered crawfish from you. I do a lot of research on everything that I buy, I am always buying something, but after seeing the condition and quality of the order I never even second guessed ordering from you again. I don't really invite a lot of people, but with the quality of crawfish that you ship a crowd hasn't seemed to be a problem. Thank you for taking the worry out ordering.




Shanetta R., Cedar Hill, TX



I want to thank you, the crawfish came out wonderful!  I now know where to go to get my crawfish. Thanks again.




Brian E., YNP, WY

      Just wanted to say thank you for getting the order out to us.   We had a great time and the crawfish and shrimp were awesome!  Hopefully we can make an annual tradition out of it.




Matt L., Well City, OK

Kyle, the crawfish were great.. May have received only 15-20 crawfish out of the 40# that were dead... Thanks Matt




Jennifer G., Philadelphia, PA

Delivery set for Friday 8-26 for our 4th annual Crawfish Boil on Saturday 8-27. 

We cannot thank you guys enough for your excellent service and delicious product!!!!

Our neighborhood looks forward to this event every year and we appreciate your helping us make it happen!




Jeanette C., Morgan, UT

Hi Kyle,


I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic experience we had at our 1st Annual Crawfish Boil last night. Our party was a great success and everyone (even the new crawfish eaters) couldn't have enjoyed the crawfish more. They were absolutely delicious!

Thanks so much for your help and answering all my questions. We'll be back again and will recommend you to everyone!


Thanks again for a memorable experience!



John B., Millington, MD

Your shipment arrived on Friday and was eagerly consumed on Saturday with great relish. (Even though it poured all day – I had a big tent as usual, which came in handy to stay out of the rain instead of staying out of the sun as we usually do). Thanks again Kyle, great job!




Anthony E., Vernon, NJ

thank you kyle

the crawfish and shrimp were excellent

southwest air is the way to go for shipping. they kept the packages in a refrigerated storage area and even called me to tell me when they were ready for pick up




Cliff, P.,  Amarillo, TX
Kyle,  Just wanted to e-mail you to let you know that I Greatly Appreciate the prompt service that you and your Company gave us.
The Crawfish Boil was a BIG hit with the Telephone Company that we are working for out here in the Panhandle of Texas.  All the Products that we ordered from you was of the Highest Quality. The Crawfish, Boudin,and Sausage was excellent. Any and all Future orders we place will be from your Company.
I Thanks you very much for helping me pull off a Great Crawfish Boil this far from Home Brother.             Have A Great And Blessed Day


Steve W., Woodstock, MD


I wanted to take a minute before it got to far past us to thank you for another great year of of our favorite LA critter. The Crawfish were outstanding as usual, very healthy, large, and ooooo so tasty. The kids love um and look forward to them as much as the adults every year, this was the third year for the mudbugs and the second for including  some sausage (andouille for red beans, and boudin just for eating out of a napkin).

ALL OF YOUR PRODUCTS ARE GREAT!!!!! We look forward to many more years of your excellent service and products.

Thanks Again!!




Terri and Verne O.., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Kyle, They were GREAT... Arrived on time.. No issues; like you said. Not that we were expecting any. Verne said they're the biggest crawfish he's ever seen. Some of them looked like little lobsters. We followed the instructions on your website from purging to cooking and everyone loved them. As always we had much more food than we could eat so we have alot left over and will be making a gumbo and/or other recipes with the meat that we pick out today or tomorrow. Thanks again and we'll pass along the name of your company any opportunity that we get.




Brad H., Oak Harbor, WA

Our third annual Memorial Day Crawfish Boil was another huge success.  I could go on for hours with the praises that our guests had for the crawfish. They were very big, beautiful and tasted great. From the 240 pounds that we received we only had 3 pounds that were dead. I attribute that to the great way you ship the crawfish which deserves mention, especially to anyone who is trying to decide who to order crawfish from.  First and most importantly you start with really fresh crawfish. The box is very sturdy and resists handling damage. The crawfish are centered in the box and padded by the gel packs on all sides and they stay wet because of your system of bags and newspaper.  These details are what makes a huge difference in the product received and I appreciate every step you take to ensure a good delivery.  I cannot imagine any other company going to this much effort to please their customers.  Thank you for yet another great Crawfish Boil here in Washington state. Please feel free to post this e-mail and to use me as a reference.



Scott V., Louisville, KY

My complements on the job you did gettin us the crawfish for our Louisville boil last weekend.  I'm from south LA and have high expectations when it comes to this stuff.  The crawfish size was great, there was a low mortality rate, and everyone had a great time.  You can bet that I'll call on you again next time we a having a boil.


Keep up the great work!




Dena B., Winter Springs, FL


I wanted to write to you to express how thrilled I was with your service and product!  You were very prompt at returning my emailed questions; and, when I called, I spoke to a person!  That was very comforting.  We ordered 60 lbs of crawfish to be delivered to the Orlando Airport on Friday, April 16, 2010.  The airbill showed they arrived Thursday evening.  I picked the crawfish up Friday evening and followed your instructions for keeping them alive until our boil at 3pm on Saturday.  Sure enough, they were alive and LARGE.  Of the 60 lbs, there were only a few dead ones.  We couldn’t have been more thrilled with our order.   They were big and feisty (see attached picture)!

Thanks again for excellent customer service (which I thought didn’t exist anymore!) and a superior product!!  If you ever need a reference, you can have them contact me.


Eric and Myriam J., Pawcatcuk CT

Good evening Kyle,

 Just a quick thank you for the gigantic bugs you sent our way.  It looks like you slipped in a few extra pounds.  We had over 100 guests show up despite the cold, cloudy day.  They loved the bugs and ate through them all, and all the turkey, within 2 1/2 hours.  What could we do but sit back and have a couple beers?!?

As always, we appreciate your help in making our annual party a huge success.  All the best until next year!





Jordan & Erika C., Portland, OR

The Crawfish were excellent (big, burley & fiesty). There were many complements at our 6th annual boil about these being the best crawfish ever. Thanks so much for hooking us up. We look forward to ordering from you next year. All the best!




Kathy T., San Antonio, TX

I work for a huge urban school district in San Antonio Texas and this year we got the BEST crawfish specimen for our 3rd graders to study, from Kyle LeBlanc’s Crawfish Farms. Every year, for the past 7 years we have ordered from either a local grocers, that carry live crawfish in season, or from a science supply company that charges outrageous, for a weak crop, that is puny in size, and definitely, not hardy, crayfish specimen. 

This year we decided to try an over-night shipment from wholesalers in Louisiana. The first company we tried was family owned and guaranteed live crawfish at a good price – well, the prices were good, however, at least half of their shipment came dead and the employees were lacking in customer service abilities- quite RUDE about meeting our school district’s needs.

That’s when, thank goodness, we found Kyle!!! ABSOLUTELY AWESOME customer service, LIVE and healthy crawfish,  that have been so hardy, our students will greatly benefit for the weeks to come!!!!  Teachers in San Antonio say AYEEEEEEEE

Definitely GO WITH KYLE!!!!


"Energy & persistence conquers all things" ~ Benjamin Franklin




Steve G., Flushing, NY

We just polished off 25 of the 30 lbs we ordered, and I had to pause write you about how pleased we are with our order.  In addition to the great packaging and handy tips and recipes, your crawfish are super tasty and fresh, LOADED with fat, and surprisingly juicy for pre-boiled.  Over the years we had ordered live mudbugs to boil ourselves, believing that this was the best way to enjoy them, but your boiled crawfish are top notch compared to other shippers-- so full-flavored and authentic.  My wife and I are seriously asking ourselves if we will ever boil our own again as long as you are selling them boiled.  Your crawfish remind me so much of the ones I had growing up in New Orleans-- more than your competitors for sure.


Thank you for allowing me to relive my childhood.  I am so glad to have finally found the best supplier on the Web.  Consider my wife and I your newest fans.  You will have my business from now on, and I will heartily recommend you to all my friends and family.  Keep doing what you do best, Kyle.






Wil & Dee L., Hilton Head Island, SC


 I ordered 40 lbs. of crawfish from you last year and I wanted to let you know that I couldn't have been more pleased with the whole process. Thanks for a great product. I'm from Baton Rouge and know top quality Mudbugs when I see them, and those were the very best. Here in Hilton Head the locals have what they call a Lowcountry Boil but I showed them the "Real Boil" with the crawfish you sent. I can't wait to do it again. Sorry so late with the feedback. Thanks again for the excellent service and product. 




Paul S., Seattle, WA

I just wanted to thank you for everything. Back in August when my wife was looking everywhere at the last minute trying to find crawfish she was unable to find or get a hold of anyone. You contacted me right away after I placed my order. When I thought there was a problem with the shipment, which there wasn't, you called me right back and helped me sort everything out. The crawfish themselves were perfect, and again you were right I ordered too much. Out of the 60lbs of crawfish less than 20 were dead.

Because of you I had the best 40th birthday that I could have imagined.



Sean C., Columbus, OH

Hey Kyle,

 I had to let you know that the crawfish were BEAUTIFUL!!! A some friends of mine at my graduation party, one of which who lived in Tulane, absoloutely gorged themselves. At one point they made me stop cooking so there would be some left for additional guests. We even turned a few crawfish doubters into crawfish lovers!


They arrived on time and only had a few dead ones out of twenty pounds. Now that's impressive. The last time I ordered from someone else, half the order was DOA.


 If anyone buys their crawfish from someone else, they're fools.


Thanks again and the party was a HUGE success.




Allyson S., Manassas, VA

Kyle -

Just wanted to thank you and your company for a the great service you provided to some displaced Cajuns.  Everything arrived exactly as you said it would.  The crawfish were the biggest and best we've ever had!  Of the 80lbs ordered we had maybe 2lbs of dead ones.  We look forward to this this event every year and we couldn't do it without ya'll.  The Mardi Gras beads were a nice surprise and the seasoning provided was excellent.  Please give our thanks to everyone involved at your operation.  This is a first class service!

Attached is a picture we took of what the kids called 'The Mac Daddy Crawfish'.

Thanks again we can't wait for next year!

If it helps at all please feel free to use this as a recomendation/review where you see fit.





Brad H., Oak Harbor, WA

Once again you proved that service, quality and professionalism matter to you. Our annual crawfish boil at Whidbey Island, WA was another huge success thanks in no small part to your company. Logistics is the name of the game when it comes down to planning a huge party and it's nice to know that we didn't have to worry about the crawfish (getting here on time, being fresh, being alive and being TOP NOTCH product). My wife prepared a game with a door prize for who could guess how many dead crawfish were in the bucket. I find it remarkable that from the 200 pounds we received that there were only 57 dead, that's approximately 2 pounds! As a native cajun from Napoleonville, LA I have to commend you. I never imagined that I could have an "authentic" crawfish boil in Washington state but your system of shipping, low prices and quality of product makes that dream a reality. Please use me as a reference anytime. I cannot think of any way for you to improve on the way you do business. It really is a pleasure dealing with you.
Many thanks for the LAGNIAPPE as well.
Feel free to post my comments if you wish.
Best Regards,



John W., Lubbock, TX


I ordered 50lbs. last week from you last week to be delivered to me via southwest airlines. Im originally from Opelousas Louisiana. My wife and I moved to Lubbock a few months ago. I have boiled pond crawfish about 8 times this year and the crawfish was from local farmers. They were typically small and medium mix. I am so very pleased with the crawfish that you sent me. They were large, full and had an excellent flavor to them. You have by far the best crawfish I have tasted in years. All of the extra crawfish we peeled and made a crawfish stew. You can count on me to order more from you whether I'm here in Lubbock or back home in Louisiana. I have already told everyone in my family back home to get crawfish from you.. We only had about 7 crawfish die out of that whole sack. Keep up the good work. I will continue to recommend you to everyone I know.


**laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler**!!!!!!!!!!





Lt. Col. Don T, O'Fallon, IL

Pardon my tardiness...I wanted to let you know how the 3rd Annual Air Mobility Command, Division of Aerospace Medicine Crawfish Boil went back in March.  Once again, you outdid yourself.  120 pounds of beautiful, live crawfish arrived safely in St. Louis.  The following Saturday, we boiled 'em up.  Several folks had never eaten crawfish before.  We wowed them once again.  The boil was a big success thanks to the professionalism and quality of Kyle LeBlanc Crawfish Farms.  Everyone had a great time.  The general was very pleased and had a ball - man, can he eat some crawfish! 

Merci beaucoup from the AMC Division of Aerospace Medicine from Scott AFB IL, Kyle!!  The crawfish were perfect!!

I'm proud to recommend y'all to anyone. You guys are simply tops!!

P.S.   It snowed that evening and night...I have to say, a crawfish boil in the snow was a first for this Cajun boy.



Travis E, Huntington Beach, CA

My crawfish party/boil this past weekend was a great success.  Your crawfish were nice sized and still very lively up to the point of getting boiled!  Your prompt attention to my emails and good communication about shipping has left me with a very good first impression of your service.  We will contact you again soon to supply us with our annual May crawfish boil.  Living in southern California it's hard to get good live crawfish, so I am very appreciative that I found your company that has such prompt service.  Thanks again.




Bill G, Reddick, FL:

My buddy Bryan, the recipient of your crawdads, absolutely loved them....he said that was the best birthday present he had ever received....certainly the most unique.  The crawfish were big and delicious.  Thanks for coming through for us.  We would recommend you highly....feel free to use these comments on your webpage. 



Brian E, San Diego, CA:

...Thank you very much.  this was my seventh year having a superbowl crawfish party and i think these were the best crawfish yet.  Good size, nice meat, and extra spicy.  Hope you have a good day and thanks again.



Fawn W, Taylor, TX:

Thanks again for another wonderful Super Bowl Sunday; every year my husband and I host our annual Super Bowl Party and have crawfish shipped in form ya'll and we had another successful year...




Tim W, Pittsville, MD:


As a business owner, I know how easy it is for customers to complain, but very hard to compliment. I am writing this to tell you that I was a little skeptical at first to order live seafood and having it shipped and not knowing your company, it arrived on time and very little loss. Maybe a couple of percent.  You made my Dads Fathers Day. He has always wanted to go to Louisiana and eat Crawfish, and at 79 years old with the help of Kyle LeBlanc Crawfish Farms He was given a good old fashion Crawfish Boil Party with his family. The Crawfish, Shrimp, Smoked Sausage and Spices were FABULOUS. I followed your recipe you sent and even the vegetable were scrumptious. I have attached a photo of one very happy man.  This is now going to be a traditional party at my house, the next one is going to be bigger, were going to invite everyone we know. Kyle thank you again for all you have done and it was a true pleasure doing business with you and your company and I will highly recommend your services to everyone I know and talk to. Also if you have a mailing list you send out, I would enjoy receiving it. Looking forward to doing business with you again in the very near future.




Brad H., Oak Harbor, WA:


Some things are not worth the time, but this e-mail is. Being from Napoleonville, LA, and being in the military, stationed in Washington state, I was very selective of who I ordered crawfish from. I called 3 places before talking with you and decided to order from you because you sounded like  the most authentic crawfish broker that I spoke with. I ordered and let me tell

ya, the crawfish were GREAT!

Everything was just as you estimated or (even lower) , The shipping was $11.00 less than you estimated. The crawfish were beautiful and out of 200 lbs we lost only 2 lbs to the dead bag. The seasoning you sent was FANTASTIC! The Mardi Gras beads were a real hit with our guests.

Our Crawfish Boil in Whidbey Island, WA was a HUGE success thanks to the professionalism and quality of Kyle LeBlanc Crawfish Farms, and that's saying something being under military scrutiny. You now have a huge fan club in Washington state and I can assure you that ordering crawfish from you will be an annual event. You guys are a first- rate, top-notch outfit that is unparalleled in the crawfish shipping industry. Many thanks from the men and families from Whidbey!

You guys are awesome! We love Ya and are proud to serve Ya! Too Many thanks coming your way. Can't get better than Kyle LeBlanc if you need crawfish!!!!!!

If you need a reference anytime in the future, feel free to give my name. You guys are the best!!



Tom S, Wallingford, CT :

Hey Kyle,


The order arrived and the crawfish boil for my friends was a huge success !


The crawfish were excellent, and the service was impeccable.  Thanks for the beads (that was a nice touch)   And thanks again for all your patience and the extra effort for my special request order. We will definitely do business again.


Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler !




Alfred M:

Dear Kyle LeBlanc Crawfish Farms,


Thank you so much for making our party a success.


The crawdads were exceptional!  The experts were just as impressed as the novices as to the size and quality and we have converted allot of people who had never eaten them before.


We would also like to thank you for the delicious Cajun sausages which made an excellent jambalaya.  Finally, thank you for including all of the party beads.  My daughter immediately grabbed the strand with the gator and proudly displayed it while handing out the rest to our guest.  It was an unexpected but greatly appreciated gift.


We made sure your business cards were handy and praised your business any chance we got.


Thank you again.


I have included some small pictures of the fun.


Best Wishes,




Wes & Michelle H:

I wanted to say Thank you Thank you for the AWESOME crawfish, they were perfect.  We have been having our party/Cajun cookoff now for 8 years and I must say your crawfish have been the best.  Our friends did not disappoint us either, its always amazing what people will do for cookoff bragging rights.    Anyways, Thank you Thank you Thank you.  You helped make our party what it was and it was a huge success.


We will keep your info and same time next year we will be giving you a holler. 


Laissez les bons temps rouler.





John M:



What a great day!  Your products were the  real hit of the day.  Everybody loved everything.  From the start with your help and advice, great delivery service and the crawdads arriving healthy it just made for the perfect party.  We had Cajun music with the Pine Leaf Boys (ipod of course) and the works.


Thanks for the great service and great products.  The sausages, tasso, turducken shrimp and crawdads were outstanding.





Cindy P:

The crawfish were awesome!

I have ordered from another source in the past and I've got to tell you yours were FAR SUPERIOR!

Our friends who joined us took your business cards and also were most impressed with your quality and flavor.

Thank you for your product and your service. We will definitely be repeat customers!



Walt & Terry K:


You won't recognize my name but you supplied the Crawfish for my wife and I's 25th wedding anniversary party. A name more familiar to you, I.M. bought the Crawfish on our behalf. I asked him to do so as he has bought product from you several times in the past and knew where to find you.

Anyway I just want to say thank-you as the party was a huge success and the Crawfish were the centerpiece of it all. As more people learned of the party and what we planned to serve it kept getting larger. No one was disappointed by the fare and many compliments were given on the quality of the Crawfish.

I was impressed as to the promptness of the delivery and the fact that very few of the Crawfish arrived dead. There were only a handful in 90 lbs.! Everything arrived as promised, which seems to be unusual in this day and age. You truly do serve the customer well. I gave a couple of the attendees your name and I certainly will not hesitate to buy from you again, should we do another Crawfish feed.


Thanks again for the great service and wonderful product!




Scott S:



        Just wanted to let you know the lunch went great!  The Shrimp, catfish and crawfish were excellent and in great condition when I picked them up at the airport.  These Northerners complained about the spice, but it’s funny how they just keep stuffing their guts until they could hardly step away from the table.  Thanks again for your help through the ordering process….Great food…reasonably priced….I will definitely be a regular customer!






Leslie A:

Dear Kyle,

The crawfish were the BEST I've ever had shipped!!!  Thank you SO much for doing such a great job!  I will definitely order from you guys again.  They were very juicy (sometimes if they are too dry, then no one can suck the heads very well!)  DELICIOUS!!!!  The party was a real success and everyone enjoyed the crawdads.

Thanks again, and you will hear from me when my next party is planned.




Patty P:

Thanks to you, my 8 year old daughter had a great cajun birthday.  The seasoning you sent was the best.  Best crawfish boil yet.
Thanks again.    



Jay L:

Hi Kyle,
Thanks again for all of your help.  Boil spice arrived on Friday - it was nice and spicy!
We picked up the crawfish on Saturday.   Unfortunately, the flight was running quite late - so their midnight arrival time was pushed back to 5 AM!

The crawfish were well-packed, alive, and feisty.   We followed your directions for storage.  They were all alive and active right up to our boil on Sunday afternoon.

We had a lot of new crawfish eaters, so our group of 50 people only finished 100 lbs of crawfish.  At least we have 50 lbs of extra cooked crawfish as leftovers now.  It was a memorable experience and a great party. 

thanks again for your help, 



Bill K:

Hi Kyle,

Our crawdads arrived to Pasco, WA in great condition last Friday. We cooked them up for our guests and customers at the opening of our winery on Saturday and Sunday, and they were excellent. I'd also like to note that the viability was very good. I think I only tossed about 20 dead ones out of 120 pounds. Again, excellent quality and we look forward to doing another crawfish boil with your help next year.




Kim C:

Late April '07 you processed an 80 lb order shipped to SF. I thank you, for the delivery on time, the advice and quality service. Here are some photos in case you wanted to see the day you made possible (it was the perfect day). This was my first but I hope to make this an annual event. Thank you.






Laura B: Thank you for your help in my last minute crawfish boil.  The crawfish were beautiful and arrived alive and kicking the morning of July 4th.  The price was a little steep but I guess that comes with the territory with ordering last minute on a holiday.  I noticed that you made up for it by throwing in some extra goodies.  Most appreciated Kyle.  The cargo people up here in DC knew your name and reputation.  They had only the best things to say.



Catherine S:  This was my second time placing an order with Kyle Leblanc farms and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed each time. Fast delivery, great product, prompt email responses and the most important thing; I had 2 dead soldiers out of the WHOLE BOX!! I'm never going to even try anyone else! Don't mess with a good thing!




Janelle K:  I received 80 pounds of crawfish from you on Friday, and as usual, they were in great shape, on time, and delicious!  We have a crawfish boil in Indiana every year, and it is always a big success, in great part due to your reliability.  Thanks! 




Ron B:  Kyle, They loved the crawfish! I don't think I had more than one or two dead
crawfish per sack, an awesome return on our investment. I passed out your card to a few of the folks at my event who wanted to know where they could get some bugs. I hope this will bring you many new customers. I expect I'll have to do this every year for the next few years.  I feel like Johnny Appleseed, everywhere I go and throw one of these I leave people in place who do their own crawfish boils. Hopefully they are ordering from you...

Thanks again and look forward to continued business opportunities.



Ralph M: For the last four or five years I have been getting crawfish from you and each year they get better.    I know that the crawfish will be fresh and fat and that the service from you will be second to none.  Originally, when I first started looking for crawfish on the net, I noticed that many sites had hidden fees, and without doing a bit of research, you would think that they were a better price.  Let me tell you, you have the best price I have seen and unbelievable service.  I'm really glad you made it through Katrina, and pray that one like her will never visit again.   

When I have  a boil, I make it an affair to remember.  I have several folks cut up the vegetables, I have several folks cull (the kids really like this part - they get to touch them) and naturally have several folks set up the picnic tables.  I look forward with much anticipation for this day.  One note on the vegetables, if you like asparagus, try adding it.  Its great.

Thanks Kyle LeBlanc Crawfish Farms, you will hear from me again and again...





Cynthia & Sam L: I am just getting around to sending you a thank you note, sorry!  The crawfish were delivered on time, alive and we enjoyed them immensely.  I can't tell you how happy we were with the service and quality with which you handle your customers.  I can't thank you enough for bringing a piece of home here to the Midwest!  Hope to do additional business with you in the future!


Take care and thanks again!



Jason F:  Thank you.  Everything was great!!  We had a very successful 6th Annual Crawfish Party.  Everything was packed well and nothing damaged nor lost.  Thanks again.  You do a nice job.



Dennis M, Cincinnati OH:  The crawfish you shipped last weekend worked out great for us.  Crawfish arrived as planned Friday AM, good sized and in great shape, and we iced them down for a Saturday evening party.  I think you could count the straight tails on one hand.  The shrimp were also fantastic.  We've been doing this party up here in Cincinnati for about 12 years.  We'll talk to you next year for sure - watch for our order around Derby Day!

Thanks again,



David B: Just wanted to send you a thank you for the professional service and excellent product. All went well with the crawfish for the Florida Keys bachelor party we threw for our friend, an old New Orleans resident.  Crawfish is one of his most cherished of earthly delights, and your tasty crawfish and prompt delivery really hit the spot and guaranteed a
memorable event. You provided a great product, at a great price with dependable delivery.  Thanks again, and we'll definitely be using your products again soon.


Don T: Everything was perfect!  I picked up the shipment at the Southwest Air Cargo terminal Thursday night.  They were in at about 7pm.

Man, that was some good crawfish.  I was a little concerned about keeping them for a couple of days before boiling…I’d never put crawfish on ice before…but it worked.  Out of the 40 lbs, after boiling, I think we counted all of 6 straight-tails.  Wow.


Patty M:  I would like to say hats off to you and your staff for providing me with great customer service and first qualtiy products for our Easter weekend Crawfish Boil.  I am a native of TN but had the pleasure of being brought up in Terrebonne Parish.  One of the many things I miss is great seafood.  I now manage a private club in TN and talked them into trying a "seafood boil", well I really put my neck out on the line and was a bit nervous about having live crawfish shipped, quality, etc. but you really made me look good.  Everything went great & thanks for sending the business cards I think you picked up some additional customers over this one.



Benjamin S:  Cheaper to ship 150 LBS of seafood than it is to add one checked bag to a flight to Reno.  Less than 1% casualties with the crawfish and they were big and easy to peel.  I thought they wouldn't for Late June.  Perfect job Mr. Leblanc.



Ken H:  Kyle - I just wanted to say thank you for the great service, and the wonderful crawfish.  My experience with crawfish in the past has been to get them from the local farmer's market, but the crawfish were typically very small and expensive, and included a lot of dead crawfish.  From  a value standpoint, you put them to shame, as yours were quite affordable.  Not to mention that the crawfish you sent were the biggest I've seen since I was stationed in Louisiana 8 years ago, and there were very few casualties (less than 20). I truly enjoyed the crawfish and you can rest assured that when I need crawfish in the future, I'll be ordering them from you.  Thank you and keep up the great work!



Chip P:  It is now about 10PM in Las Vegas and we just finished a fabulous crawfish feast with the SELECT crawfish you supplied.  They arrived not only on the date requested but they also arrived in perfect shape.  Fresh, cool, perfectly seasoned and fantastic size!!!  We introduced our best friends in Las Vegas to a traditional Louisiana crawfish feed complete with boiled corn and potatoes and plenty of newspapers on the table.  We enjoyed a wonderful dinner, conversation and friendship.  You and your crawfish are the best!!!

Please feel free to use this testimonial in your advertising!!!

Marina G:  Thank you so much for your service. I am ordering the fifth time and ask to cook is special for me. And I always receive your crawfish fresh and delicious. I will stay with you company, no one can do better, thank you.

Eury "Doc" Holliday:  It's that time again for another shipment.  Every year I order from you all. Your the best. Thanks and God Bless.

Joel T. from Philadelphia, PA, originally from Galliano, LA: 
The crawfish arrived early yesterday afternoon.  I have not gotten through all 31 lbs. yet but the ones I have eaten were great.  If anyone needs a reference let me know.  They are some of the best crawfish I have ever had.  The shipment was well packed and fresh when delivered.  I just got down to the Mardi Gras beads at the bottom of the box.  I will be ordering again in the future.  This shipment should hold my crawfish craving for awhile.  I  may peel some and make a couple of fried crawfish poboys.  Thanks

Paul K:
"Kyle, you are awesome.  This has been the 4th year in a row that we have ordered seafood from you for our Mardi Gras party in Chicago.  The seafood couldn't be fresher, the ordering couldn't be easier, and the shipping couldn't be quicker.  Talk to you next year."

Jim S:  Mr. LeBlanc:

I came to you with a tall order:  For weeks, I'd been planning a crawfish boil for about 40 people, and invitations were sent.  So, I needed 90 pounds of live crawfish.  I needed them delivered to Milwaukee.  Overnight.  Oh, and I also needed them over Fourth of July weekend, a busy picnic time.  And by the way, I needed them at a time when every other site online that claims to ship live crawfish was turning me down because flooding and high temperatures had depleted the supply. 

And did you deliver?  DID YOU EVER!  Two bags of gorgeous crawfish...Alive, and right to my door.

Myself and my co-host threw our crawfish boil, as planned and on time.  As we promised, we fed loads of hungry people a traditional Louisiana crawfish boil complete with your enormous crawdads, potatoes, corn, and your boil spice.  They were thrilled, and so were we.  And at the end of the day, we still had enough crawfish left over that we plan to try out a few of the recipes you were thoughtful enough to send along with our order.

I cannot recommend you highly enough.  Everything on your website is true, as promised!  Next year, I'm not going to bother searching frantically online and making desperate calls looking for crawfish.  Next year, I'm only making one call: To Kyle LeBlanc.

Thanks again!

Jim S

RC C:  "My crayfish boil is an annual event and we just would not hear of ordering from anyone else. Thanks in advance."

Jonathan L:  Thanks for the email. This friend of mine is from Lake Charles, LA and he misses home from time to time. This raises his spirits. By the way, I spent about an hour on the web searching for crawfish. You have outstanding products and very competitive prices. I'm sure he won't be disappointed! . . .

. . .By the way, that was the best birthday present he ever received. The next day delivery worked extremely well. Thank you for your professionalism.

David & Joell D:  "Well, as hoped for, my husbands birthday party went awesome, all thanks to you. The crawfish were huge!!  Our friends, some of them never seeing live crawfish, were having a ball playing with them...HAHA. We had no problems with the order and once cooked, were a huge hit!! We definitly had some people hooked. We appreciate your fast and easy service. You were so nice to us in helping with a Saturday Delivery. We will definitly use you again in the future and brag to all our friends as well. Thanks again for a great product."

Jeffrey L: "Mr. LeBlanc, just wanted to thank you. I had a very successful boil here in Orlando, FL with some of your crawfish. I am very pleased with the size and service that you provided. Several people asked for your name and hopefully you will hear from some of them. One thing for sure is that you will be hearing from me in late June early July. So I look forward to doing business with you again."

Wallace A: "Thanks for everything. The crawfish were great, the shrimp, big and sweet, and the sausage excellent. Our order arrived promptly and our Independence Day party went off without a hitch. Our guests left "fat and happy". We look forward to using your services again and will recommend you to all. Thanks again."

Mike K: "Kyle, just wanted to let you know that everything went alright with my order, and I am very pleased. I will be ordering more from you in the future. Excellent service and product. A+++ all around."

Lois C: "Thank you so very much!!! The crawfish were just perfect, the soft-shell crabs and the shrimp too!!! Our party was so much fun all thanks to you! Everyone had such a great time, even all the kids! I have had many friends ask where we got everything and they too will be sending you orders for birthdays and graduation coming up. The kids teachers also and the people at the airport cargo bay even asked. So hopefully, we got you some more business. Something this great needs to be shared!!! Thanks again Kyle and see ya in the near future again!!!!"